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Space is the operative word with 1,200 mtr2 land area, and more than 500 mtr2 built areas.
The nicely equipped kitchen is ready for your immediate use.

These images should help you realize the careful planning and implementation by the developer's team using the experience of having created multiple very successful residential developments and rehab/refurbishment projects over the past few years.

Gazebo has great views to the grounds and outward to terraced rice fields.
All facilities here are ready for your immediate move-in. Every visitor to this property has come away impressed. And relaxed!

Pic 1 Ubud Villas Hotel

This outlook over the flowers, and to the inviting swimming pool and gazebo should provide many hours of delightful meal or relaxig tea time conversations.

Pic 3 Ubud Villa
The kitchen provides a modern and spacious feeling, as does the living room.

Pic 4 UBUD Villa

Differing views andlayouts of the grounds provide multiple delightful views all around this delightful villa.

Pic 4 Ubud Villa

Lavish landscaping and building styles, provide an inviting environment and extrememly pleasant "Welcome Home".

Pic 5 Ubud Villa

Surrounding views are some of Bali's best!

Pic 5 Ubud Villa

The grounds layout and architectural styles take good
advantage of the hillside layout of this fine property. From the upper areas a commanding view to the whole property is offered.

Pic 7 Ubud Villa

The guest villa also provides comfortable accommodations and delightful outlooks.


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