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   Villa for Sale
Property ID: 367
Property size is 32 Are, 3 bdrooms, 3 ba.

Price is USD 375,000

3 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms
Bali Villa for Sale ID:367 - Maaf sudah dijual! Dilokasikan di daerah dengan daya tarik peningkatan dan penetapan harga. Daerah sepi, areal aman dan pemandangan laut yang indah dengan mudah jalan menuju ke pantai. Dapat memperoleh secara langsung nama pemilik orang asing. Sales Price:
Currency : USD

Amount : 375,000

    Tabanan  Sorry SOLD already! Located in an area with increasing attraction and price appreciation. Quiet area, secured estate, and good ocean views with easy walk down to the beach. Can be acquired directly in foreign owner's name.  Map Quad : SW  
Approximate Other Currencies as Of
Total Price: Aust $ 528,750 or EURO 326,250 or USD 375,000

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