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   Business - Guest House for SALE
Property ID: 387
Property size is 8 Bdrm, large pool, 1 Are is public access

Price is USD 595,000

8 Bedrooms

8 Bathrooms
Bali Business - Guest House for SALE ID:387 - Maaf, pemilik tidak mau dijual ini. Lingkungan menyenangkan, dengan pemilik besar / manajer unit, plus dapur bersama, ditambah besar 12x3 meter kolam renang. Sedang berlangsung kuat, bisnis yang menguntungkan telah dijual, dengan pemesanan yang sedang berlangsung. Semua unit dilengkapi Ac dan kipas angin, ditambah air panas di kamar mandi. 3 tempat parkir tersedia. Sales Price:
Currency : USD

Amount : 595,000

    Sanur  SORRY - removed by owner. Delightful environment, with large owner/manager unit, plus shared kitchen, plus large 12x3 meters swimming pool. Strong ongoing, profitable business being sold, with ongoing bookings. All units have air con and fans, plus hot water in the bathroom. 3 parking spaces available.  Map Quad : SE  
Approximate Other Currencies as Of
Total Price: Aust $ 838,950 or EURO 517,650 or USD 595,000

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