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Luas Properti 157 sq mtr2 land

2 Kmr Tidur

3 Kmr Mandi
 Bali Villa for SALE informasi.
    Sanur   Sori, BhsInd belum siap - Home office with land size of 157mtr2 and the residence has 165m2 building of 2 storeys. Includes 2 full rooms and 2.5 bathrooms all included with a/c plus ceiling fans. Residence includes a full kitchen with fridge and stove and semi furnished. Hot water is both gas and electric powered, with pumps for both city water and its own well. Has a small pool inside of over 6x3 mtr and a garage that can hold up to 2 cars and a 8800 watts electricity that’s pulsa powered. Most notable features is of the IMB kantor and is on a great locationon on one of Sanur's most prominent streets. Plus the buildings got solid steel beam and concrete construction.   Peta Quad : SE  
Currency Lain: tanggal 10-Oct-18 Silahkan USD $ 275000


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