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Land Conversion Factors

  One Acre >> 4,048.9 Sq Meter .4049 Hectare 43,560 Sq Feet 40.5 Are
  One Hectare > 10,000 Sq Meter 2.47 Acres 107,548 Sq Feet 100 Are
 Note: The word Are is commonly used as a measure of land in Bali it is 10 x 10 meters, or 1/100th Hectare.
* NEW * You can submit land size and price, then total costs will appear below this line.
 How many Ares (100 m2) of Land ?    What price in Rupiah Millions per Are?    Please do NOT enter the "000,000" part of millions.

 Note: These rates should be used as guidelines only. Consult your bank for actual, current exchange rates.
 Currency Information Updated on 10 Oct 18

Currency Chart

When Prices are: (below)  Pay the amounts shown in this section.
Indonesian Rupiah Million
(x 1,000,000)
IDR   65.539  92.411  57.019 
US Dollar USD 15,258   1.410 0.870
Australian Dollar AUD 10,821  0.709    0.617 
Euro Dollar EUR 17,538  1.149  1.621   
As an example of how the charts above can be used, assume you are interested in the 20.7 Are of beachside land that we have on offer at Rp. 24 million per Are, in Candi Dasa - and you want to know the price in US Dollars per square foot. So first we figure the total invested land cost at the exchange rate seen above, would be US $ 32,560. in total costs.
In this case, with a conversion rate of 15258 Rupiah per US Dollar, we can use a multiplier calculation of USD 0.099 per million Rupiahs, or each increment of Rupiah 1 million would then add about 0.10 cents to the square foot total. So 24 (million) times that = 2.38/ sqft.

Here is a picture of the area -


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